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Misc - Page 2 Steve Nash Working Out with Grassroots

Two time NBA MVP Steve Nash never misses an opportunity to share his knowledge with the youngsters. On September 10th, Nash spent a few hours working out with players from Grassroots at the ACC Raptors Practice Facility.


Steve Nash and Coach Ro breaking down the art of the pick and roll to Kurtis Ethier (Eastern Commerce), Miquel Martin (Downsview), and Kaza Kajami-Keane (Pickering).


Steve Nash going through the mechanics of his perfect jump-shot to onlookers Jahwayne Smart (Eastern Commerce), Ben Davis, Kurtis Ethier (Eastern Commerce), Andrew Wiggins , Miquel Martin (Downsview), Coach Ro, and Kaze Kajami-Keane (Pickering).


Steve Nash and Coach Anthony explaining the importance of good work ethics to Shandon Mootoosamy (Vaughan), Miquel Martin (Downsview), Kaza Kajami-Keane (Pickering), Jahwayne Smart (Eastern Commerce), and Ben Davis.


Steve Nash going through ball handling drills with Kurtis Ethier (Eastern Commerce) and Ben Davis.



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